Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Blitz for 'A Killer Like Me' by Lara Henley

Title: A Killer Like Me
Author: Lara Henley           
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours

Most people think I am this sweet, innocent head cheer leader of my high school. I put on this facade everyday with the real me itching to get out. You see I belong to an exclusive team that has one specialty, and that specialty is killing. It’s our life’s mission. We were bread from day one to fulfill our destinies, and boy do I love it.” 

Trinity didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she took her current job to kill a snitch. She has always loved her job of killing until she was faced with her match. Little does Trinity know that someone has been sent in to stop her. 
Zander Matthews has always obeyed his orders like a good little employee. When he is sent in to protect the one Trinity is after, their lives are turned upside down. Will he be able to stop her or will Trinity fulfill her destiny?

I remember being only seven years old when I
saw my parents torture and kill a man. The scene gave
me nightmares for years to come. I tried to push the
thoughts out of my mind, but my mother always made
me embrace it. Never did I know they were assassins,
hired hit men. I remember the first time my mother
made me hold a knife to someone’s throat and slice it in
half. Yeah, that was my good ole mom for you.

“Trinity, come, darlin',” my mother says holding
a butcher knife in her hand. I didn’t want to go to her
because the last time I did, she made me cut off a man’s
finger. It was all bloody and gross. She told me the best
was yet to come. Little did I know at the time it would
be just a few short weeks.
“Please don’t make me do this again, Mommy,” I
“Trinity, this is something you will grow to love, I
promise you. Now come here.” I walk over to her and
she stands behind me. We stand behind the blonde
haired woman tied to a chair in our basement. This is
where they did most of their torturing for information.

My dad had built the room himself, making it sound
proof so the neighbors wouldn’t hear the screams my
parents inflicted on their victims.
“Take the knife, baby, and slit her throat. Slice it
nice and evenly where we don’t have a lot of blood
splatter. Remember how we practiced on the chicken.”
She held the knife with me and the woman began to
kick and scream. I felt a small high. Is this normal,
should I be enjoying this?
“See, steady.” We begin to slice and the blood
spatter was minimal as she said. The blonde woman’s
head tilts forward. I walk around to see her cold lifeless
body slumped down in the chair and I smile.
“That wasn’t so bad, Mommy,” I say, holding the
knife with blood dripping from my hands.
“I told you it wouldn’t be, darling. Now let’s go
get ready for dinner. Your father will be home soon.”

My mother smiled at me like this was completely
normal; normal to have your seven year old daughter
slicing someone’s throat. My father came home that
night and we continued on like we hadn’t created an act
of sin in the basement. Again my heart raced at the
thoughts of maybe killing again. That is when I knew
my life was going to be completely screwed.

The following day was the day I met my best friend in
the whole wide world, Teagan. I was standing outside
waiting for my dad to get home. It was the best part of
the day because my father was my best friend, my only
friend. School was a freaking nightmare for me. All the
kids made fun of me due to the fact I had a stuttering
problem. Kids came be so vile, and so when Teagan
showed up on my porch that day, I was delighted to
finally have a companion. She stuck up for me at
school, and on occasion, kicked bitches asses. She was
my constant, the one I counted on to keep me safe, the
one person, no matter what, would be there for me.

Lara Henley was born in the Midwest. She holds a degree in Fashion Marketing and loves all things creative. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her first love is writing and hopes to make it her full-time career.

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