Monday, September 7, 2015

Release Blitz: StageBound Collected Stories One to Ten by Tereska Lynne

Release Blitz: StageBound
Collected Stories One to Ten
by Tereska Lynne
Sept 7th

Down a dingy alley in London's East End, there's a grey door with no name on it. The people who step through it each night know the rules: leave your name at the door. For it houses a most unusual theatre, with a simple reputation - no patron leaves unsatisfied.
These are their stories.

This Collected Edition includes the first ten stories:

1. Opening Night - how far can he take a girl too new to know her limits?
2. Bound - A backstage problem leaves a tied-up actress needing a helping hand, or finger.
3. Taking the Lead - A cape and three girls. What could go wrong?
4. Dry Chat - An article about a science study leads to a steamy discussion backstage.
5. Written Lesson - Breaking in a new sub on stage means teaching her lessons in a way she won't forget
6. Red Light - When a scene goes badly wrong, the lead is left to improvise, and to wonder how far is too far
7. Staying On Top - A backstage encounter leaves the lead with a few awkward questions and a dominatrix who'd like his spot.
8. Hardcore - Springing a surprise on a dom running a scene can be a bad idea, unless he can run with it.
9. Statuesque - Introducing his new girlfriend to the kinkier side of the club leaves her discovering a new fetish. He'll need to rise to the challenge.
10. Taken Backstage - The backstage bar has a few extra features, and if he wants to get a date, he's going to take advantage of them.

Mature Content Warning: Kink, BDSM, exhibitionism, Alpha male. 

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