Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Blitz for 'From A To B' by Samantha Fontien

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Title: From A to B – Wee Bookie Of Nookie 
Author: Samantha Fontien 
Book Blitz: July 8-10 
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The year is 1982, Rubin Miller (Dragonflies Trilogy) is attending Cambridge University with his Best Friend Duncan Peters (DF Trilogy).
Here we find our lovable Scottish rogue with his eyes on two friends…
‘Alegria and Beatrice’.
Rubin like any eighteen year old, thinks he knows everything – thinking he is a man of the world and tries his luck bedding these two vixens in his normal Miller fashion…
He charms more than the panties off Alegria and Beatrice, leaving Rubin with an insatiable appetite for ménage à trios along with other things…

*This book contains Mature Content and is intended for readers 18+*

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I’m a Happily Married, MUM of two. I LOVE Music… I should do as I am the daughter of Musicians; I was reared with a Guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.
5 fun facts about Samantha Fontien
I only wear one perfume.
I'm a huge Titanic buff; seriously, I could do a Degree in it.
My favorite museum is London's Natural History Museum. I could spend a
My Dad was in the RAF and was a huge Military buff, so that’s where I get all
whole day there quite happily.
my military knowledge and interest... Years of conditioning bahahaha.
I named our puppy Rubin after a character in one of my books.

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