Saturday, November 1, 2014

'Get Out Of My Dreams' by A.J. Lewis

Are you Dreaming?

Dreams really can come true. They have for author Allan J Lewis. Allan was born, a son of a coal miner, in August 1939, just before the outbreak of World War 2.
He started work underground for the National Coal Board on his fifteenth birthday.

Alan had always wanted to be a writer but his lack of education left him feeling frustrated. He could only manage to write a few pages and would give up after struggling with spelling and grammar. As a young man he didn’t have much time to read or write. He was working two shifts on the coalface. When his daughter came along he decided to get himself another job as a part-time fireman.

By the time he was in his late forties and his two children had married, he found time to start reading again. He enjoyed the adventure novels of Wilbur Smith and the works of James Patterson and Lee Child.

The pleasure he found in reading rekindled his desire to write. Initially Allan would create stories in his head. He eventually put pen to paper in earnest when he retired. Then with the help and encouragement of his son he worked on five action novels to a first draft stage.

Get Out of My Dreams is his sixth novel and tells the story of a rogue hypnotist that gets into people’s dreams, makes them do his bidding, and has them reveal their darkest secrets.

Alice and John Timberlake lead a quiet life in the suburbs of California. John is a prison officer at the California State Prison, and Alice assists the Agony Aunt columnist, with big dreams of becoming a reporter. 

One morning they awaken to their lives turned upside down—John is on the couch with no recollection of how he got there, the front door lock is unbolted, and the alarm is disarmed. Alice’s underwear is neatly folded on top of her slippers––she knows she went to bed wearing them. Fearing they may have been victimized in their own home, they contact the authorities. 

John and Alice discover they have been the latest victims of “The Magic Man,” a rogue hypnotist that gets into people’s dreams, makes them do his bidding, and has them reveal their darkest secrets. Everyone has secrets, and the Magic Man knows them all. 

When a steamy fantasy shared between Alice and the Magic Man unveils a unique connection between them, it changes the rules of his game. All Alice and John had ever wanted was for the Magic Man to get out of their dreams––but now, they can never go back to the life they had before… 

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