Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book Tour for 'Quickbane' by Chelsea Starling

The Vale Chronicles
By- Chelsea Starling
Genre- YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Jesobel Vine wants nothing more than to be a typical Pyxie teenager.She wants to ride her beloved horse, Firefly, shoot her bow, and fall in love with her dreamy best friend, Glyn. But Jesobel is marked not only as the future Royal Starkeeper of Pyxis, but as the Heart of Azimuth—the one to lead her people back to their lost realm—a burden too dangerous for daydreams. As Jesobel struggles to accept her destiny, reluctantly studying mystic magic, she becomes doubtful she will ever be worthy to rule. And when her fiery temper enrages the daemon-possessed Starkeeper of Equuleus with a hex-gone-wrong—igniting an orphic war—Jesobel must find a way to alter the global disaster foretold by a celestial legend.


And now an Excerpt from Quickbane

I gazed upon the young, frightened sorcerer who summoned me, and instantly deduced that he was an untrained nitwit. A child. An apprentice as best. He looked no more than seventeen. And that was being generous, based on his sorry attempt at some unbecoming configuration of facial hair.

“So, what do you want?” I yawned, a trifle bored and annoyed, pondering whether to shape-shift into something menacing for kicks. I tested my wings, thinking I would at least do some impressive acrobatics, but they were still so stiff and sore. My very plumes ached, and flap as I may, I couldn’t get my feet more than a smidgen off the ground. Annoying.
I sniffed the air and froze. Something about this place, I finally noticed, was not quite right. I couldn’t put my finger on what, exactly.

I shook out my hands and feet, jumped a little to warm up my bones. I ignored the young sorcerer, who stood speechless and couldn’t seem to locate his words or shut his gaping guppy-mouth.

He glistened with nervous sweat. A look of utter disbelief contorted his face. Attractive.
From the shape of his face, I couldn’t help but notice that I was obviously the first daemon he’d ever summoned.

Book Soundtrack
Here is my Quickbane Part One playlist. It’s a little odd, but I tried to capture the feel of the story the best I could, either with song titles, mood or lyrics. Sometimes all three. I listened to Silver Stallion by Cat Power about a billion times while writing this book. The rest I chose thoughtfully for this blog tour. Playlist

About the Author
Warrior, mermaid, wordsmith, performer for kings and queens, Chelsea Starling is fucking awesome. She raises bear cubs with one hand, and conjures whole worlds with the other.