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Blog Tour for 'Wherever You Will Go' by Stephanie Smith

Title: Wherever You Will Go
Author: Stephanie Smith
Publication Date: August 7, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Brooke Willis had everything she ever wanted: a happy marriage, volunteer placement at the art gallery, and the promise of starting a family with the man of her dreams.
Saxon Reed had everything he ever thought he needed: a successful career, nice cars, expensive apartment, and more money than he knew what to do with.
After losing her husband Brooke insists on taking over his company to keep his dreams alive. Struggling in an industry she knows nothing about, Brooke turns to Saxon, her husband’s best friend and business partner, for guidance and support. Their mutual grief, and Saxon’s need to look after his best friend’s wife, creates a connection beyond just business.
Can Brooke take over the company and find a new life without saying goodbye to the past? Can Saxon protect and care for Brooke without scaring her away.
What happens when your heart doesn’t listen to your head? When lines are crossed and boundaries are pushed?
“Life goes on, whether you choose to move forward and take a chance in the unknown or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could've been. I don’t want to live in the past anymore. I’m so lonely; there’s nothing for me here.”

The Book Trailer

Book Trailer

Excerpt #1
I head to the door, still clutching at a piece of peppermint chocolate and trying to dissolve the large piece in my mouth. Swinging open the door I yell, “What the hell, bitch?”
Saxon’s eyes are wide and he has an amused grin on his face. “Well, good morning to you too.”
My mouth is hanging open, and I know all the blood has rushed from my face.  I’m shocked and not only because Saxon is here, but because he stands before me in dark wash jeans with a tight black t-shirt. It has been years since I’ve seen him in anything but a suit or tuxedo. He looks so much younger dressed casually. Less stressed and almost more… carefree. 
Shaking those thoughts, I meet his eyes. “I thought you were Rach. What do you want?” My words come out more harshly than I intended, and Saxon’s smile turns to a frown, his eyes losing their sparkle. 
My stomach twists and there’s something about him frowning which turns my gut. I don’t like it. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just surprised to see you. What’s up?” I ask in a much more friendly tone.
He looks up at me, nervousness shining in those bright green eyes. “I wanted to see if I could take you out today?” The confident, cocky Saxon is gone, and I would’ve never believed this insecure one existed underneath.
He wants to take me on a date? Hell no. 
 “Bugger, I’m actually just on my way out,” I say with fake disappointment.
Saxon raises his eyebrows at me, and the cocky bastard is back. “Really?” he says as he looks me up and down. I follow his eyes down to my outfit. 
Sometimes even I can’t believe how stupid I am. I roll my eyes and cross my arms over my chest in defiance, as I also remember not only am I in my flannel pyjamas but I don’t have a bra on. He smiles a cocky smile while looking at my chest, clearly letting me know he caught that also.

Excerpt #2
Gripping her hips so tightly she can no longer shake and shimmy them, I try to gain some kind of control over my anger. What the fuck is she doing? 
As I step up behind her and hold her tight against me, the douche touching her releases his hands and steps back. Good idea, buddy. Brooke hasn’t turned to look at who it is, but I know from the way her body relaxed into mine that she knows it’s me.
“What are you doing, Brooke?” I say into her ear, trying to keep all traces of anger out of my voice. If she was mine, if I wasn’t so scared of pushing her away, I would have picked her up and thrown her over my shoulder and carried her the fuck out of here.
She turns her head slightly towards me. “I told you it was girls’ night tonight,” she says defensively.
“You know what I mean.” I grip her hips harder and pull her against me tighter as my control begins to snap.
She turns around in my arms and steps out of my embrace. “Saxon …” She’s frustrated and becoming flustered as she tries to find her words.
I don’t think about it as I grab her hand and begin to pull her off the dance floor. I don’t miss the curious looks from the two blondes, the confusion on Rachel’s face, or the smirk on Harper’s. 
I couldn’t care what any of them think or if any of them find out. I actually wish they would. I want everyone to know Brooke is mine.
I don’t care how she feels about what we are doing, what she thinks it is—she is mine. I wanted to stake my claim on that dance floor. Tell that douche he better not put his hands on what’s mine and then take Brooke into my arms and show everyone exactly who she belongs to.
Of course I couldn’t do anything because I live in a constant state of panic, watching everything I say and do, living in the fear of scaring her off.

BTR's Review

I Loved this book! the story line was fantastic and the cover of the book is a perfect fit.

The book starts off from main character Brooke Willis point of view. From the first paragraph I was hooked. Brooke loses the love of her life and husband of 10 years to a car crash,on the day her and Nate decide to start a family.

I can't remember the last time I cried so much. I felt so bad for brooke with everything she is going through, but there is her husbands best friend and business partner Saxon,who is there for her. 

I just loved this story. What I enjoyed about it was that even though Brooke is so fragile and at first can't find the strength to move on,she finally does. She learns to love again and trust. 

I also loved all the really hot and steamy romance that starts to develop between Brooke and Saxon,and how you get to read the story from saxon's point of view as well.

In all I gave 'Wherever You Will Go' a rating of 5 out of 5 because it was nothing short of fantastic,and I may be reading the book again.

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The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
Swing – Joel Fletcher Remix
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The Last Time – Taylor Swift, Gary Lightbody
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I Will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan
I Never Told You – Colbie Caillat
Still Into You – Hannah Trigwell
Angel – Sarah McLachlan
Apolgize – Timbaland, One Republic

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 About the Author
I'm first & foremost a reader & fangirl, I will always be first & foremost a reader & fangirl. I am on street teams, I pimp and I brag. I LOVE my Authors!!
I have recently started writing as a way to relax and spend some time for me. My first novel Wherever You Will Go is due to release later this year. I'm having so much fun writing my first story and I'm looking forward to the journey it is taking me on.

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