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Blog Tour for 'Fiendish' by Meka James

Title- Fiendish
By- Meka James

Fiendish is a dark and twisted take on Beauty and The Beast. This story contains mature themes meant for readers 18+.

So what would you do if your prince charming turned out to be the worst kind of monster?

Calida Alexander moves from Charlotte to Atlanta after a painful break up. She faced some harsh realities about herself during that breakup and desperately wants to change who she perceives herself to be. When she meets Seth, she is drawn in by his sexy good looks and is won over by his gentlemanly demeanor. On the surface, he's her dream come true.

Seth Jokobi is sexy and charming, the kind of man that women dream of being with. As a master manipulator, he uses his charm and good looks as a lure. His prey never suspect that lurking behind those piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile, lies a sadistic monster. When he meets Calida, her shy nature tempts him into playing a game where the stakes end up being higher than he could have imagined.

Can love really conquer all or is it sometimes just not enough?

Seth sat back against his seat and crossed his arms. The same frown he had when I pulled out my wallet once again made an appearance. “It’s nearly dark. I would prefer driving you home instead of leaving you at the public transit station.”
“Oh. I just didn’t want to inconvenience you.”
“I promise you, it’s not an inconvenience.”
Seth flashed me another one of those charming smiles that had me captivated most of the evening. Figuring I might as well enjoy the remaining time with him, I told him my address. His smile broadened when he got the information he was after, and I prayed we’d get stopped at every traffic light along the way. Seth turned on his car, and the engine roared to life.
“Whoa,” I said under my breath, but from the smirk Seth gave me, I assumed he heard it.
He quickly punched my address into his navigation system, and we were off.  Unfortunately for me, the streets of Atlanta were not crowded for once, and we arrived at my house sooner than I’d hoped.
“Thank you. I had a great time,” I said when he killed the engine after pulling into my driveway.
“You’re welcome, and so did I.”
I turned to open the door, but Seth grabbed my hand stopping me. I shot him a look of confusion.
“I can’t let you do that,” he said, answering my unspoken question.
“I can’t get out of the car?”
“I can’t let you open your own door.”
I felt a smile spread across my face. The chivalrous nature of that statement made my stomach do a little flip. Seth got out of the car then strolled around to open the door for me.
“Thank you.”
He stood close to me again, and I found myself holding my breath, waiting to see what he would do this time. I was disappointed again when he backed away without making a move. I chastised myself again for my crazy thoughts. Maybe Macy was right, it had been too long for me if I wanted a near-stranger to kiss me.
“Well, um, goodnight Seth. And thank you again for linner,” I said with a smile then turned and headed towards my house.
“Yes,” I answered, turning to face him.
Seth stood with a lopsided smile on his face, leaning lazily against his car, looking like the epitome of tall, dark, and sexy.
“Are you going to give me your number, or am I supposed to just stake out your house so that I can see you again?”
It took all of the self-control I possessed to stop myself from squealing like a schoolgirl and jumping for joy. Still, I tried, but failed, to act cool about the fact he just asked for my number because I felt myself grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“I um, don’t have any paper,” I replied, patting myself down.
“That’s okay. Just give me your phone.”
I pulled it out of my pocket and quickly unlocked it before handing it to him. Seth punched in a number then I heard ringing coming from inside his car. Our fingers touched when he gave me back my phone, and we let them linger there for a moment.
“Until next time,” he said with a smile before climbing back into his car.
I stood there watching until his taillights faded away. I did a happy dance in my front yard, not caring if the neighbors thought I was crazy, before I ran into the house to tell Macy.

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Character Bio 

Calida Isabelle Alexander

 25 yr old born August 29
Green eyes, red hair.
Favorite color: orange although she rarely wears it since it clashes with her hair.
She enjoys soulful type music by artists such as Adele or Joss Stone
Her favorite movie-V for Vendetta

She enjoys running as a form of exercise and relaxation. Her body is well toned but not overly athletic.

Her parents are Sandra and Collin Alexander. He is a retired military man and she is a retired art teacher. They moved to Greece after retirement because it was the place they met and fell in love when he was stationed there with the military and she was studying abroad.  

She has one older sister Dorian who is 36. They never had a close relationship due to the 11 year age difference. Her parents tried unsuccessfully to have another child for years so she was an unexpected surprise. Calida is a shy woman who is unable to see her own beauty and is extremely self conscience of her body and looks. These insecurities run deep due to the years of teasing she endured at the hands of her sister. Dorian resented having her around and took every opportunity to make Calida feel like an outsider within the family. Calida's red hair and darker skin tone were most often the source of that teasing telling her she didn't belong and she was a mistake. Calida knows her parents love her but thanks to her sister she felt she was a set back in their life. Having to put their dreams on hold to raise another child.

Because of this idea she developed a strong desire to please those around her. Her intense need for approval and acceptance often left her open to being taken advantage of since she will put the wants, needs, and desires of those around her above her own.  She is compassionate and caring wanting only to love someone fully and completely and to have that same level of love returned.

Calida has spent the last three years of her life trying to recover from the heartbreak of a four year relationship with a man that never really loved her.  The fact that she ignored his indifference and mistreatment for so long severely affected the trust she had in her own judgement.It became harder for her to open herself up for any kind of affection future men would hope to offer. In the back of her mind she wonders what they are after, unable to believe they find her truly desirable or wanted.

Her best friend Macy Frankel has been by her side since the third grade.  They are true opposites in nature but Macy has always looked out for Calida.

Seth Damien Jokobi

Age 30 born October 31
Favorite color-red
Blue eyes black hair
Tattoos—3 wolf’s head on his back, Celtic symbol and dagger on his chest, dragon on his right upper arm.
He works out on a regular basis and has a well toned muscular body.

Seth enjoys reading and gaining knowledge of all sorts.  He is an accomplished pianist at the insistence of his mother. He speaks three additional languages.

Only child of deceased parents Damien and Rose Jokobi. Damien was a ruthless business man obsessed with his career. He treated his wife and his child more like possessions instead of family. He was a controlling and domineering man who instilled in his son strong men take what they wanted and the weak get left behind.

Rose was a quiet woman that never really voiced her opinion in opposition of her husband.  Before she met and married Damien she was a concert pianist at the peak of her career but gave it up at his insistence. She wanted more children, but he said he only needed one male heir so she was forced to have a tubal ligation done to prevent future children. If she had any dreams or desires of her own they were never known as her entire world revolved her husband and her son. She spoiled Seth by catering to his every whim. He was denied nothing and never was forced to face the consequences of his actions.

He could be considered a Sociopath with his disregard for the feeling and emotions of others.  Although he does know right from wrong, he doesn’t care and does what he wants as a result of his upbringing. 

Macy Christine Frankel

Age 25 born Dec. 19
Favorite color-Purple
Golden blonde hair hazel eyes.
Favorite pastime-Shopping

She is the only daughter and youngest child of William and Deidra Frankel. She has 3 older brothers. Being the youngest and only girl Macy has been spoiled and cared for all her life. She is a free spirit that genuinely enjoys life. She and Calida have been friends since childhood. Macy always longed for a sister, and Calida longed for a sister that wasn't so mean.

Relationships and labels are something she likes to avoid. She refuses to be tied down, not wanting to give up the freedoms of fully exploring her sexuality. She lives life to the fullest and encourages Calida to do the same.
Despite their differences, they always have been there for each other and stick together through the toughest of times.Macy and Calida met in the third grade. Her family had just moved to town and on her first day there she and Calida wound up in the principal's office because Macy punched a boy in the nose because he was teasing Calida. They have been best friends ever since. Macy has spent years trying to help Calida change her view of herself. 

would be the same as my playlist on my blog. Each song I listened to played, often on repeat, for the scene that was needed.

Maroon 5
Kate Voegele
Christina Perri
Wanted--Hunter Hayes
Just a Fool-Christina Aguilera
Clarity--Zedd ft. Foxes
Heavy in Your Arms--Florence and the Machine
Feeling Good--Michael Buble`
Feel Again--One Republic
Good Girl--Carrie Underwood

Seth's piano compositions 

About the Author-
Meka James is a stay at home mom to four kids ranging in ages 17-4 and lives in the great state of Georgia. She’s been happily married for 11 years and counting. She is a pet lover and has three dogs: Pixie, Loki, and Thor. The additional pets include a turtle, a bearded dragon, and two snakes that belong solely to her husband and children. When she’s not attending little league games and school functions, she finds time to volunteer with the local Weimaraner Rescue. Her main hobby outside of writing and reading is playing The Sims 3 PC game.


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