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Title:The Man Without Rules
Series:Without Rules Series # 1
By:Tyffani Clark Kemp
Publication Date:September 5th, 2013 

Sebastian Boa is "The Man Without Rules." Rules just don't apply to him. When he meets Mariss Red one night at one of his night clubs, he sets his sights on her and makes a play. But Mariss is married and she has no desire to lose what she loves for a one night stand. The harder Sebastian tries the more Mariss refuses and he realizes that his feelings for her may be deeper than he ever thought possible for a man like him. And he finds himself changing to be worthy of the one woman who has ever told him no.

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Excerpt One
Sebastian took Mariss by the arm and pulled her down the hall. "Go to the car, Hellena," he growled. "You're going home." He sent a quick text to his driver as he led Mariss to one of the empty edit bays. Sebastian locked the door and pushed her up against it. His knee, he slid between her legs and used it to lift her until she was at eye level with him.
"What are you doing?" Her voice came breathy and lacking conviction.
"I'm going to kiss you." Without waiting for permission, Sebastian pressed his lips to hers. He didn't care that she tasted like a chili cheese burger with extra onions. What mattered was the taste and feel of her lips against his. His tongue explored the depths of her mouth, caressing her tongue as he did.
She didn't push him away. It occurred to him that she wasn't able to tell him no, but he continued to kiss her until he'd had enough.
He had yet to realize that, with Mariss there was no such thing as enough. Most women were out of his system within weeks, but Mariss had been lurking there, tainting his blood for over half a year.
The kiss turned heated and hungry. Mariss moaned into his mouth and her fingers found their way into his hair. It was his turn to moan as the feel of her fingers on his scalp once again sent tingles up and down his spine.
"I want to take you to bed, Red."

Excerpt Two
"What are you doing?" she chuckled.
"Keeping my distance, since you're losing your will to fight me." He leaned both arms on the table and let her see into him.
"How are we supposed to do business with you so far away?"
Sebastian shrugged. "Shout."
Mariss laughed and it was a happy sound.
"Come down here, Bassy."
He liked it when she called him that. Sebastian admitted it to himself as he stared at her from the end of the table. What he wanted to do was take her mouth with his once more. He'd take her body on this table if she'd let him. The thought alone made him ache again.
Mariss stood. She punched a button on the wall and he heard the doors lock into place. Then she flipped a switch and the glass frosted. No one could see in or out.
"That's handy."
"Shut up, Sebastian." Mariss crossed the room and sat on the edge of the table in front of him. She straddled his knees with her bare feet. Her toenails were painted a deep blood red. Sebastian stroked one toe, unable to keep his hands to himself. Mariss jerked it away, but when he looked up into her face she was biting her lip, trying to keep from laughing.
"Does that tickle?"
"Stop talking, please."
"Why? Do you like it?" Sebastian reached up and twisted a strand of her hair around his finger. It was so soft. He leaned forward so he could press it to his nose. Berries.
Mariss was not gentle when she reached behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. She nibbled at his lower lip. Her fingers curled into his hair, tugging, pulling almost until it hurt. Sebastian growled and shoved his tongue into her mouth. If she wasn't going to be gentle, he wasn't either. He stood, pushing his chair back as he did. With a hand pressed to her back, he leaned Mariss backward so he could get at her neck. He scraped his teeth over the spot just below her ear that he knew she liked. She melted in his arms, moaning so loudly he almost checked to see if anyone heard. Her hips ground against his and there was no hiding the evidence of what she did to him.
Sebastian smoothed her hair back and kissed her again. He tasted her mouth, stroked her tongue with languid, savoring strokes. She pulled him closer so her breasts were pressed against his chest. He could feel her heart racing.
"Stop," she moaned.
"Do you really want me to?" Sebastian bit her earlobe.
"Yes. Please. I can't."
Sebastian pulled back, but her fingers tightened in his hair. She kept him there, her lips hovering just below his. He could have her. He could take her right here in this room. She might hate him afterward, but she'd come back for more. They always did.
"Let go," he commanded, his voice low. She let go of his hair as if burned by it.

About the Author
Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn’t enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he’s a Saint Bernard.

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