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Awakening the Fire Blog Tour & Giveaway by Jake Bonsignore

Title: Awakening the Fire (The Inferno Unleashed Series, Book Two)
Author: Jake Bonsignore
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy, Thriller
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Breena Taljain’s idyllic days in Araboth came to a skidding halt when circumstances forced her into the dangerous hinterlands. The dire sacrifice she made to protect her comrades tainted her heart with hatred and despair. To cleanse herself she must outrun Death’s relentless pursuit and venture into the bleak unknown. With the odds stacked against her, stumbling into love when she least expects it may very well be her saving grace.
Meanwhile, succumbing to the Patriarch’s devious traps has Galbrecht Atalir questioning his motives. The folly of his recklessness has left him physical scarred and mentally traumatized. Now he must overcome more adversity as the wrath of the Sin Ministry bears down upon him. He will need more than wits and quick fists to find the truth he has sought for seven years.
Alas, every second Breena is apart from Galbrecht draws her further into strife. With her world rapidly crumbling inwards, she puts everything on the line for a last stand against the ruthless force that threatens to destroy all she holds dear….
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Release: August 30, 2013 (Online release 
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Book Design: Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and Photography
Book Trailer: (by Amygdala Art)

The cry Galbrecht had tried to repress shot forth from his parched throat and startled his adversary into silence. Gone was the dull agony from his wounds that the Prodynorph-32 would not heal. With it went his concern about surviving the night and every desire that did not focus on taking his enemy down. The Patriarch was the center of his world. Oddly enough, the enigmatic sensation held no hatred. His very soul seethed with feeling one moment and brimmed with purposeful emptiness the next.
The warped logic of Tairo’s story bothered him. No amount of contemplation would change the end result. Revenge was all that remained, pointless as it was.
So it really is revenge you seek, not justice? His conscience mocked him even now, at this pivotal moment. Nothing you can say or do will ever change the past.
Where the line blurs matters not. I will have it. One way or another, I will!
Every shred of humanity in him receded to an unknown crevice in the core of his blackened, racing heart. Whether the man called himself Tairo, Surin, the Patriarch, or heaven knew what else mattered not. Amending the past was outside of his power, but preserving the future was not. He would make certain that the Sin Ministry never harmed another.
Eliminate the head and the rest of the body will fall.
He had always ignored the truth. Now Tairo exposed his grim reality and he accepted it. No…he welcomed it. The truth had freed Galbrecht from his self-imposed chains. Memories would become nothing more than whispers of the past again.
This would be the last time he bloodied his hands.
This is no way to live. I can’t go on with it. I’ve embraced darkness to find light and found the way out, at last. He hesitated and found the serenity that almost slithered away. I don’t care if he’s right or wrong, Adine. I’ll always love you, no matter what.
He scarcely realized he had dashed forward and nimbly evaded a wild swing of the studded ball until it whizzed by his chin. He feinted to the right to throw Tairo off balance and loosed an uppercut into his gut. The sound of the merciless impact upon his bare abdomen was like a thunderclap from above. Galbrecht followed up with a ferocious roundhouse to send the Patriarch careening into the boiler behind him.
The satisfaction from the surprise assault heightened Galbrecht’s adrenaline. He pressed on until Tairo rolled to his feet with surprising alacrity.
How is he still moving after that?
Blood trickled out of the corner of Tairo’s mouth. The perturbed sneer across his swelling lip revealed one shattered, jagged incisor. The conniving smile that had doubtlessly enticed more than a few clueless addicts had vanished.
“You’ve made a mess of things, Ghariel,” he spat. Flecks of crimson mixed with his saliva. The anger and surprise in his voice was undeniable. “Get ready to join your junkie wife in the pits of hell.”
Galbrecht advanced with caution until Tairo flailed his kusari-gama wildly. He sidestepped to avoid but only half succeeded. Attacking the Patriarch head on was a one-way ticket to death.
Tairo swore an obscenity under his breath and swung the studded end of his chain for the deathblow—
Then the unexpected happened.

Author Bio

Jake Bonsignore is the author of Descendant of Strife, Empyreal Illusions, and Awakening the Fire. he is a graduate of the University of South Florida with magna cum laude honors. Outside of his literary pursuits, he enjoys playing sports and is a fitness enthusiast. he is currently working on his next novel, The Lioness.

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