Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review of - Lick (Stage Dive, # 1) by Kylie Scott

 Lick (Stage Dive, # 1) by Kylie Scott
WARNING: this book is rated R and not for anyone under the age of 18

I first learned about "Lick" on facebook and after reading the book Description I just knew I had to read this book. Lick was a fantastic read,I totally Loved it.

From the beginning I was hocked. The main character Evelyn Thomas is a bright young women who has everything in her life planed out,until she wakes up on the floor of a hotel with a gorgeously sexy man who she doesn't know, and a huge rock on her finger. I loved how the story had a good flow to it,it was like watching a movie play out in your head. 

Evelyn was constantly surprising me with the way she was handling everything,sticking up for herself and others,she's the kinda person you instantly like and become friends with. Then there is the hot and sexy Daved Ferris, you would think from seeing his long dark hair and tattoo's that he'd be a total jerk but he's not. He's nice and considerate to Evelyn and his friends. Although it didn't start out that way but the more Evelyn and Daved are around each other the more Evenly remembered what happened that night in Veges when they got married and why. I also loved how the two of them always seemed to be able to work things out and learn from there mistakes. 
Now let's talk about the romance,first off I have to say OMG! sometimes author's go from kissing to the next morning...well not in this book. the love scene's made my insides melt and I was drooling,the author went into a lot of detail and didn't skip over anything which I really liked,and it also had some pretty funny scenes in it that made me laugh my butt off. I give Lick a rating of 5 out of 5. and I hope Evenly and Daved's story will continue in a second book. 

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