Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

   A Mother's Love – Anonymous

To some love is just a word
To me it's a feeling
A feeling I get every time I look into your eyes
A feeling I get when I realize you're my mom
A mom who loves, shares,
A mom who inspires
What's that?
That's love
A mothers love, but only you would know
And me 
You returned that love time and time again
Possibly to much, nevertheless you did
Thank-you for being there when I needed you most
For being my rock when I should have been yours
Thank-you for believing in me, even when I doubted myself
For being the one person I could trust
No matter what, no matter where
But most of all thank-you for being you-my mom
A mom I am so proud to claim
I love you
Now and forever

 As a mom myself I know how hard it is and what sacrifices are made for our child/children,I hope that all you Mother's have a wonderful day full of Love,sunshine and happiness..

~ Michelle 


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