Friday, October 26, 2012


Author : Ashley Robertson
Title : Crimson Groves

I give it 5 out of 5 stars 
First off I have to say that I just Loved this book!.The story line and plot is amazing,Ashley Robertson is becoming one of my favorite authors. 

Abigail Tate it a young women who has had her heart broken by her boyfriend and best friend,she has a mother that wants nothing to do with her,and a father that left when she was little.

One knight at work this beautiful man comes into the restaurant where Abigail works as a bartender and is automatically drawn to him.They talk and things are going well and he asks if he can walk her home after her shift and of course she says yes,Big mistake! this beautiful man,who's name is Bronx and he's a vampire,and a nasty one at that,mean and cruel. at one point Abigail get's away from him one night at a Club with the help of a stranger that,when touching her has visions and can help they both run from Bronx they meet new people and vampires on the way.

Friends are made and betrayed my the one person he counts on the most.This book was just plain Awesome! It had just the right amount of action,love and heartache.I really hope there will be a second book.

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